The New Craftsmen

High end luxury hand crafted furniture and decorations. Full Magento2 support and strategic guidance on developing the site.   
The Brief


We were part of the original tender process with The New Craftsmen over a year ago and missed out on the full design and build of their new Magento 2 site at the last round – which happens, no hard feelings.

Fast forward a year and the Head of eCommerce got back in contact with us and asked us if we would be interested in taking the website back over as he was looking for a different type of working relationship with his development partner. At SOtech we pride ourselves on really being a ‘partner’ to our clients, not just a service provider and this was something that The New Craftsmen were really interested in. Our brief was to take over and implement a series of changes over an initial 6 month period, all of which had the goal of improving conversion rate and reducing basket abandonment – both of which had been challenges for them since the new site went live.

The solution


After working through all of the user flows with the client and running a couple of strategic sessions with our MD we were able to identify and list of potential quick wins that could be worked on and released as individual updates over a 6 month period. These were agreed and planned in across multiple 2 week sprints and ran alongside our ‘business as usual’ support.

Clearer Call to Action Throughout

by identifying the areas of the buying process that were confusing or unclear to the user and applying more consistency of the primary objectives for a user (add to bag, proceed to checkout, confirm)

Removal of blockers to purchase

Through strategy sessions with the Head of Ecommerce we identify simple blockers that could be standing in the way of a user purchasing – some were simply articulations of delivery and service, some were more subtle layout issues on different devices.

Implementation of gift registry

the New Craftsmen’s key demographic were interested in having a gift registry solution (like a wedding list) we identified and implement an extension for Magento Open Source to deliver this feature for their users.

The Results


The Client is far happier with our day-to-day processes and how we work and feels they have a better understanding and control over the development and support roadmap.

We have seen continued improvements across the site on the key metrics that the client is measuring around conversation rate, basket abandonment and bounce rates.

The client is so pleased that we are now looking at an increase in budgets for 2020 to deliver more functionality to their website and expedite their growth ahead of plan.

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