Whether you’re evaluating your proposition, looking for expert advice or need help putting together a comprehensive roadmap for the future – The SOtech team are here to help with their diverse knowledge and experience.
Discovery Workshops

Led by our Managing Director, Mark Purdy, our discovery workshops are based on his tried and tested method of covering all angles of a business proposition. For any full Design and Build project we do, we always include at least one Discovery and Strategy session in the project plan. This often raises many conversations about features and functions that maybe weren’t thought about in the original brief. We also run these workshops as standalone sessions for business owners who have spent a little too long ‘in’ their business and want a fresh independent expert to analyse and drive a more exploratory review.

“Their project management has always felt clear and concise, and most importantly; I’m incredibly happy with the results.”


In advance of a Discovery and Strategy Session we normally request access to the businesses data (Google Analytics, Sales Data, Customer Data, etc). This allows us to spend some time looking at all the key metrics of the business without any bias or influence. From this we are able to present our thoughts on issues, opportunities and general thoughts on points for discussion where quick wins may be possible.

Customer Personas

Led by SOtech we will walk you through identifying and collating all of your types of customers in order to group them into what we call ‘Personas’. This process identifies up to 5 different customer journeys through your business and what those customers need in order to convert successfully. This process is critical when scoping out new features as it is something to revert back to and ask yourself the question – ‘which of my customer persona challenges does this solve?’

Tech Stack Review

The SOtech team will review your existing technology stack, looking at what does what now Vs what we want to happen in the future. Our technical team are able to look at the full picture from data capturing through a website and into a database or CRM – which increases your chance of choosing the right solution for the development of your business.


The output from the Discovery and Strategy session will be your roadmap document. This will be a written document covering everything that was discussed and agreed during the meeting with our suggestions of next steps and implementations. This document is independent of choosing to work with us for the implementation and you are welcome to use the document to plan out your future work yourself.

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"The Best 1-Day workshop I’ve ever attended"

Dan Priestley, CEO DENT