Our creative team have been helping brands to showcase their services and products through design for over 20 years. Whether it’s a complete branding overhaul or digitising and amplifying your existing assets, we’ve been there and done it, many times.
Creative Collaboration

The days of being asked to create a brand from scratch are gone, nowadays every business, old and new, has some level of branding existing (sites like fiver and upwork make this possible). This isn’t an issue and actually is a good thing as it give us a base to work from. For all of our creative projects we run a mini discovery session to get an idea of likes and dislikes, review of current assets (logo, fonts, colours, etc) and to understand a bit more about the brand essence and tone of voice. We then use collaboration tools all the way through for instant feedback and input.

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Design for Development

Our design team and development team sit next to each other… this may seem unimportant, but to us it’s one of the most crucial aspects of how we work. While all creatives love to design without restriction, the reality is that this is not possible. Most platforms or technologies will have limitations in their front end framework and often deviating from this can inflate a projects cost needlessly. Thats why all of our designs start with the chosen technology in mind, and when design conflicts with development we are able to discuss and review with our clients to explain the options available to them.


For most projects we start off with wireframing in order to agree information hierarchy without the distraction of colours / images / fonts and logos. This is a quick process and allows you to focus your attention on what are the most important messages throughout your website or app. We use Invision for sharing and collating feedback and can often make amendments immediately for screen share sessions to view options. The wireframing process also allows our development team to get an early start on build as the overall structure will be signed off before design begins.

Branding / Fonts and Colours

This is the real area where our creative team get excited. You won’t meet anyone more obsessed with font choices than our Creative Director, Richard Burch. This process is often simplified too much, we always take into. Account every aspect of your business that will be impacted by a new branding refresh; Website, Brochures, Email templates, Email Signatures, Social Headers, Signage even Van Livery! These are all things that need to be considered when rolling out new creative. Our aim is to make sure whatever we design, we can implemented consistency across your entire estate. 


Creative isn’t just visuals like it used to be (in the days of print and media). A critical element of the creative process now involves the micro interactions that happen. Does a button animate when hovered over? Do the images move as a user scrolls down a page? How will a page react if a user shrinks the window? There are hundreds of these questions we have to ask ourselves when preparing designs for the development team, again reiterating the importance of create and tech, design and development to work together throughout a project. 

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