Laravel is an open source web development framework that provides us with a huge head start when it comes to building web applications saving our customers time and money.

One of the most used and most loved web frameworks with an amazing community behind it.

When off the shelf technologies don’t fit the bill, we turn to Laravel. It’s built in a way that allows us to take any great idea and turn it into a great web application. Whether it’s eCommerce, eLearning, a customer portal, custom configurators, or even a game Laravel is the perfect way for our development team to create bespoke applications to your specific requirements.

Development Time

The speed at which we can go from idea to MVP, to a fully scalable application when using Laravel is dramatically increased. When starting out, Laravel provides our development team with a wealth of tools out of the box to deal with things such as registration, security, payments, search, notifications, testing etc. Using Laravel also allows us to scale up the development team working on your project, without compromising on code quality or the reliability of the end product.


Out of the box, Laravel helps to secure your web application against the most serious security risks such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. We’re able to benefit from years worth of development and rely on the fact that Laravel itself is secure. The codebase is fanatically guarded, and that the code has been vetted by 1000’s of people.


In order for your application to be engaging and enjoyable to use, it must be fast! Amazon found that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales and Google found that an extra half second in search page generation caused traffic to drop by 20%. Laravel is fast, and provides our development team with all the advanced tools needed in order to ensure things remain snappy even when your user base grows into the 100’s of thousands.

We create beautiful shopping experiences through clear strategy, design & UX
Discovery Session

Led by our Managing Director, Mark Purdy, our discovery workshops are based on his tried and tested method of covering all angles of a business proposition. For any full Design and Build project we do, we always include at least one Discovery and Strategy session in the project plan. This often raises many conversations about features and functions that maybe weren’t thought about in the original brief. We also run these workshops as standalone sessions for business owners who have spent a little too long ‘in’ their business and want a fresh independent expert to analyse and drive a more exploratory review

User Stories & Personas

Before we. Start any design we will walk you through identifying and collating all of your types of customers in order to group them into what we call ‘personas’. This process identifies up to 5 different customer journeys through your business and what those customers need in order to convert successfully.  This process is critical when scoping out new features as it is something to revert back to and ask yourself the question – ‘which of my customer persona challenges does this solve?. It also allows us to get a feel for who we are designing the site for; what do they like? What do they need? How will they react to different content? All of this is critical to a successful design.

Wireframing & Prototyping

For most projects we start off with wireframing in order to agree information hierarchy without the distraction of colours / images / fonts and logos. This is a quick process and allows you to focus your attention on what are the most important messages throughout your website or app. We use Invision for sharing and collating feedback and can often make amendments immediately for screen share sessions to view options. The wireframing process also allows our development team to get an early start on build as the overall structure will be signed off before design begins.

Design, UX & UI

Creative isn’t just visuals like it used to be (in the days of print and media). A critical element of the creative process now involves the micro interactions that happen. Does a button animate when hovered over? Do the images move as a user scrolls down a page? How will a page react if a user shrinks the window? There are hundreds of these questions we have to ask ourselves when preparing designs for the development team, again reiterating the importance of create and tech, design and development working together throughout a project. We love design, from Logos to fonts and Photography to CTA’s, everything needs to work harmoniously for a seamless user experience.

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