SOtech is a technology business at its heart. We have been developing websites, apps, portals and bespoke solutions for over 12 years, across every coding language and platform you could name. We love challenges and we love difficult.
Technology Agnostic

We will never force a client down a technology route, simply because it’s our ‘preferred’ language or platform. If, after we’ve been through Discovery we come to the conclusion that the right choice of technology its something we don’t have the capacity for, we will tell you and point you in the right direction.

Luckily, we have specialisms across most of the core languages and are very happy working with Magento, WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify, Laravel, Vue and React – and 90% of the time one of these options will be perfect fit.


We build of our products in such a way that they can be easily scaled without huge additional cost. This is because we know businesses, particularly in the digital space, can immediately gain traction and grow exponentially in both traffic, active users and conversions. So we not only build in a way that can handle continued development for many years, we also ensure the set-up and infrastructure is able to quickly sustain growth. 

Latest techniques and tools

At SOtech we spare no expense with our developers own development, every member of our development team use 10% time each day to self improve and research new techniques. We remain at the forefront of the core languages and technologies to ensure our clients are never left behind in such a fast moving environment. We also invest heavily in our own tools across QA, automated deployments and project management which enable us to deliver fast and effective service to our clients.


We’ve been doing this a long time, as have our developers. We don’t have ‘junior’ developers, just experienced developers across various disciplines. This is not only important in the actual work we do, but also in our ability to provide advice and guidance to our clients. It’s very rare we get asked about something that we haven’t already done or investigated previously, so are able to give real-life examples of where something has been successful or unsuccessful to help mitigate bad choices.

User friendly

We approach every project with our clients needs at the forefront of the project. This means we don’t build something that is impossible for a non-teccy to edit or update, we understand the need for our clients to be able to manage their product after we have finished. The first line of this is our MD, Mark Purdy, who is not a developer and much more accustomed to sitting client side, so for any development that needs a simple interface, Mark will only approve it if he can use it himself.   

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