House of Hackney Emporium

M1 to M2 migration and re-design of London based Designer Interiors Brand.
The Brief


SOtechnology were approached by House of Hackney late in 2019 to discuss the migration of their global ecommerce site The website had been sat on Magento 1 for nearly 10 years and over this time had passed hands many, many times – as such the platform was unwieldy and full of bugs and issues.

The brief to SOtech was identify a strategic direction to tackle specific areas of future growth as well as redesign and map out a full rebuild in 2020.

The solution


After much discussion around platform selection we identified Magento2 Cloud Commerce as the best fit solution. Not only was Magento 2 chosen for it’s best in class multi-site ecommerce functionality, but in Commerce Cloud we would also be able to make use of the significant B2B functionality that is available out the box.

We also built completely custom front end modules that delivered a simple and easy to use customer experience for creating their Wallpaper, curtains and Blinds. This involved some very complex logic based on how the company works out its pricing (length of fabric needed, labour costs, lining costs, excess waste, etc, etc) all of which is built into the custom module – but hidden from the end user. So for an end user when building a curtain all they need to do is input their window dimensions and receive a completely bespoke price for their custom made product.

We also helped design and build a seamless system for creating new content pages without the constant need for development support using Magento’s page builder functionality alongside some easy to use templates and modules.

Simple Multi-Site IP identification

To ensure customers are directed to the correct website based on their location and see the specific pricing for their own region.

Bespoke content and B2B ordering

Using Magento’s out the box B2B functionality means trade customers can see their own bespoke prices and catalogues alongside unique content.

Custom Calculators

To help users work out how much wallpaper they need to order for their project, including wastage and based on House of Hackney’s roll lengths.

Easy to create Content

By designing master templates of all possible content widgets and making it easy for House of Hackney staff to duplicate and edit when creating new content pages. We utilised Magento’s Pagebuilder features alongside simple custom css styles to create unique content that is easy to edit and maintain.

The Results

We launched in October 2020, after an 8 month project that included full strategy, design and build managed by SOtechnology but in collaboration with the House of Hackney team and ERP partner.

The website has enabled the company to confidently sell its made to order products, in particular curtains and blinds which previously had been challenging to sell online and also to push their content in new and diverse ways thanks to pagebuilder. They are now able to manage their website day in / day out without the constant need for developer involvement and believe we now have a platform to continue to push the business forward.

We have also been able to move their b2b small trade business through the website which in turn will end up reducing manual labour of how these orders previously had to be processed.

We ultimately feel very proud of the aesthetic we have been able to achieve Vs our original brief and goals, the website showcases the best of the brand and the brands personality while not compromising on essential eCommerce functionality required for our customers.

Since going live our Year on Year stats have been fantastic:

10.75% bounce rate reduction 

32.89% increase in users

14.91% increase in session duration

87.27% increase in Revenue

42.34% increase in Conversion rate

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