Branding, Strategy, Key Messaging, Site Design and Build of Global AI Business
The Brief


Ahead of a major global launch, FatBrAin came to SOtech because they knew they were in desperate need of upgrading their overall brand look and feel.  Not only did they want to update their branding and website design but they also needed SOtech’s expert help on delineating their complex service offers. therefore the project was agreed to encompass the full customer experience across the Fatbrain brand, from design through to each page on their website and in explaining the FatBrAin ecosystem.

The solution


After multiple initial design and discovery sessions with the senior leadership team,  we felt we had a clear enough idea of what FatBrAin and its various products offered. We also understand their real driving force was to enable SME’s to get access to the same business intelligence tools that the large F500 and government organisations have, but which SME’s don’t have budget for.

We identified our target audience clearly, if not broadly, as an SME business owner who employs up to 500 people. Already running a successful business but lacking the budget or expertise to understand the real insights and opportunities in comparison to market peers and trends.

Our solution was re-write FatBrAins core messaging in the format of a website that could tell the story of a complex product offer in a way that is understandable. Therefore taking he fear out of AI.

Communicate a Complex product

AI comes with its fair share of scepticism, mainly because it is hard to understand, especially when trying to explain how it works alongside what it can offer. Our job was to spend time understanding from FatBrAin’s senior team the product and service and then re-articulating that into easily digestible  snippets of information. Structured in a way that someone could self-learn through the website.

Re-create a back catalogue of diagrams

FatBrAin have been presenting their product and ideas for many years, as such they had various diagrams, figures and graphics that had been created using powerpoint. Our objective was to again understand and re-work these diagrams using the same branding as the rest of the website to better explain the content to someone reading it themselves as opposed to being presented to.

Simple build with Admin interface

FatBrAin were clear that they wanted to be able to continue to work on the website post launch, and that this first iteration would be a work in progress. The way the site was built was to include content modules that could be re-used in other pages and new pages were created. Meaning easy content production and editing without the constant need for development support.

Integration with existing tools

As we have already said, FatBrAin already provide successful AI products, our aim was to integrate these products within the site where applicable. We worked alongside FatBrAin’s own engineers to ensure these secondary products integrated and worked seamlessly with the new site allowing the company to consolidate a disparate selection of standalone landing pages. 

The Results

Unanimously well received by FatBrAin’s senior executive team, the work produced by SOtech’s strategy, design and tech team exceeded expectations on the overall design and articulation of their brand.

Since the websites launch FatBrAin and SOtech have continued their partnership and are now collaborating on further work to launch some of FatBrAins products.


“SOtech are like our black ops team, we give them a complete mess of a diagram and description and they turn it into a sophisticated, well presented visual articulation”

Peter Ritz, FatBrAin CEO

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