Collingwood Lighting

Full Strategy, Design and Build of new site on Magento2 Commerce edition.
The Brief


Collingwood Lighting are an established manufacturer and supplier of premium LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential locations. Up until now their website was purely used as a catalog for their customers to view and download specifications and nothing else really.

The brief to us was to identify, plan and design a new website for them to satisfy their requirements for the next 5 years. Their ambition was to slowly move from a brochure site to allowing their trade customers to create purchase lists, then to being able to buy direct and ultimately to open up their website for consumers to buy direct.

Finally they wanted the website to include specific tools for their users to help them find and identify suitable products.

The solution


After careful consideration our proposed solution was Magento2 Commerce – which, while may appear to be overkill as a solution for the initial launch (when the site would still be non-transactional) covers everything in their immediate 18month roadmap.

Particularly the out-the-box B2B suite of tools, which Collingwood would make full use out of when bringing their B2B customers onto the website.

The rest of the project was about redesigning the website to really give the feeling of a high quality, premium product and to inspire their potential customers into what is possible using their products.

Make the product the hero

By increasing the amount of real estate on the website to product and lifestyle imagery.

Create custom calculators

Bespoke calculation tool using product data and algorithms to provide the end user with an estimation on how many lights they would need for a room.

Automate product information flow

Using custom API lookups and mapping into the client PIM system to pull in product data.

Inspire users

Through curated case study and project section of the site (using blog functionality) to showcase some of the brands best installations and cross-sell into the relevant products.

Easy Merchandising and Page creation

By setting up templates within Magento’s Page Builder tool so administrators of the site are able to create their own pages for marketing or campaigns.

An Active Tool

For their trade customers who are using the new ‘Projects’ section on the site that uses Magento’s requisition list function – re-styled.

The Results

Phase one of the launch was incredibly successful for the client with the new site generating higher quality enquiries and leads. The site is now being used by their trade customers to create projects for their clients and create quotes and order sheets. This is cutting down the amount of manual work required by their sales teams and in-turn increasing profitability and efficiency.

Phase two of the project is already underway and we are are working with their sales department to scope out the full B2B and B2C eCommerce element of the site… stayed tuned

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