eCommerce for B2B and B2C

eCommerce isn’t just about B2C anymore (or D2C or Consumer selling, call it what you like!). While we at SOtech have been building B2C Ecommerce sites for over 12 years we have also been steadily moving with the global trend of translating these B2C best practises into the B2B (business to business) models.

So many of the features we have come to expect as standard when buying from traditional websites were often not regarded as important for B2B websites – this is no longer the case. So if you sell direct to customers, direct to other businesses or both, we can help you plan out your customers journey and ensure they get access to all the tools they need to purchase with you seamlessly.

  • Product Driven
  • Emotional decision based on status, desire, or price
  • Maximize the value of the transaction
  • Large target market
  • Single step buying process, shorter sales cycle
  • Brand Identity created through repetition and imagery
  • Merchandising and point of purchase activities
  • Individual buyer
  • Relationship driven
  • Rational buying decision based on business value
  • Maximise the value of the relationship
  • Small, focussed target market, one to one communication
  • Multi-step buying process, longer
    sales cycle
  • Brand Identity created on personal realtionship
  • Educational and awareness building activities

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