We love a bit of website wireframing at SOtech. It’s quick, great for showing the client the true interaction of their site and helps with the web build further down the line.

Website wireframes are a low-fidelity visual representation of a website. Wireframes suggest the layout, interactivity and the user journey throughout the site without any formal design consideration. A wireframe is made up of simple outlined boxes, simple typography, and menus.

Save the design for later – The wireframe is not a design piece and its primary focus is not typography, colour or style, but more on how information is displayed, the range of functions available and the effect(s) that interaction has on certain user scenarios.

The greatest asset of a wireframe is the encouragement it gives to nail down the content from day one. Designing a site can be beautiful, but it’s the content and the user experience that really sets great sites apart and this boils down to wireframing before any of the visual design process begins – it’s far easier and inexpensive to correct content, layout and structure within a wireframe than to tweak a design or in some cases a built website.

We’ve taken our wireframes further and have stepped away from static representations and we are now producing web-based prototypes that work like a built site!!!! Clickable buttons with responses, dynamic hide and reveals, prompt boxes and interactive contact forms, in-fact we’ve almost made them beautiful… we’ve brought them to life.