Top 3 Strategies to kick-start your digital project.

Discovery session

What is a discovery session and why is it so important? There are several answers to this, firstly it’s a great opportunity for your team to introduce themselves and for them to get to know you better, If they’re anything like us, and want to build strong relationships, then it’s super important at this stage to get a really good understanding of what you like and dislike.


We’ve found that getting our clients immersed at such an early stage really gets them to discuss the product they are trying to market…we’ve also found on numerous occasions that our clients have that “Eureka” moment during a session.


Sitemaps/Journey Mapping

Such a simple task but gives you a real overview of your product. It can help decide “phases” of the project, what is “must haves” and “not really needed now”


We normally include the site/journey map as part of our discovery session as it can help unlock the content structure for each part. This will also give you a better indication of how the user will navigate or interact with your product.

At this stage it’s essential to get approval on the site/journey map so that a full scope of project can be determined.


Wireframes/Functional Prototypes

Depending on the complexity of the product we insist on producing wireframes or functional prototypes. Let me explain both in a few sentences.

Wireframes – are a quick representation of what was discussed during the discovery session and site/journey map phases. It gives us the opportunity to show you the content structure and features discussed during the site/journey map, and how these work together…but not holding you down to finalised designs.


Functional Prototypes – We find that with more complex digital projects that wireframes are not enough so we use functional prototypes that can show real functionality and user journeys with basic content structure so you can really feel how the product works. The best thing about the functional prototypes is that it allows projects to be mocked up very quickly, it can be shown to investors and stakeholders as well, so you can get real buy-in before the hard work really starts.


Point 4 of 3

The above three strategies combined together create a recipe for success, it leaves no stone unturned and essentially can make you go from Zero to Digital Product in a fraction of the time. It’s a process we are using on each and every project we undertake…and it really works.

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