The success of Magento

First launched on 31st March 2008, Magento has become one of the fastest growing and successful ecommerce platforms in existence. The creators previously working with ecommerce wanted to create a feature rich and expandable ecommerce application, originally planning to fork the osCommerce project they quickly changed their minds deciding to start from scratch, and so after almost a year and a half later of continuous development, the first version of Magento was released.

Magento quickly grew in popularity, with it’s thriving community of developers and business owners it became the best open source ecommerce solution available. Five years later Magento is now running over 25% of ecommerce stores worldwide and has been downloaded over five million times. It is estimate that over twenty five billion dollars worth of transactions are completed using Magento each year, this is increasing every year as Magento continues to grow in popularity.

Business owners around the world have seen impressive uplifts in sales and conversion since moving to Magento, some have seen their sales increase by an impressive 500%. The key reasons for these impressive increases in sales and conversion is down to how feature rich and expansible Magento is.

Out of the box Magento meets and in many cases exceeds the requirements of your average ecommerce store, but in the few occasions where a business owner needs to add extra functionality or make changes to existing functionality, Magento really starts to shine. It’s modularity and expansibility allows developers to build almost anything a business owner could dreams of, which is one of the reasons Magento has grown to be as successful as it is today.