eCommerce Awards Finalist 2019

In not 1, but 2 categories!

We are delighted to announce that our work in collaboration with les girls les boys has been nominated for both Best Fashion eCommerce and Best Mobile eCommerce at this years eCommerce Awards London.

les girls, les boys is…

the creator and leader of a new market segment in the apparel industry: “bed to street”.

a brand that embraces the newest cultural and generational attitudes.
a brand that is un-filtered, un-pretentious and honest.
a brand that lives by a new set of cultural values and looks to empower rather than define people.
a brand that promotes cross cultural mind-sets and diverse identities.
a brand that challenges out-dated ideas and established norms.
a brand that champions the fluidity of love and friendship.
a brand that tells bold and progressive stories via exciting new voices.

Our Brief

Design, Build and Launch a brand new iteration of the les girls les boys website to take the brand to the next level and future proof them from the ever advancing world of online technology.

The Objectives

A new way of shopping fashion
The brands ethos meant they didn’t want the ‘traditional’ way of navigating that all fashion websites follow – i.e. starting with Womens / Mens and then driving into categories. They wanted to emphasise that their product range is designed to be worn by both girls and boys, men and women and therefore wanted to convey this message throughout.

Allow the user to choose how they shop
The brand wanted the user to choose ‘how’ they shop visually, so flexibility in being able to see different types of images, by choice, when browsing was a key deliverable.

Mobile is the main priority
Most importantly, the brand see where the world is going, so not only wanted a mobile first approach from design, but also from choice of technology to truly future proof themselves and launch them ahead of the industry.

The Solution

A new way of shopping fashion

Instead of forcing the user to begin their journey with the ‘normal’ choice of Mens sub category or Women’s sub category we wanted to let the user start by simply choosing what product type they were looking for, so either Underwear, Bed, Swimwear, etc. This is because les girls les boys believe that anyone may want any product, a t-shirt for instance isn’t a mens or women t-shirt – it is just a t-shirt available in XS, S, M, L, XL – so both men and women can now shop the same range of t-shirts.

However for some categories where certain product classes are gender specific – like Underwear, we still needed the requirement for some users to filter down. We achieved this by implementing a simple switcher in the top left for ‘les girls’ ‘les boys’ or ‘all’ – which works like most other filters but stands out as a particular way of shopping a range.

Allowing the user to choose how they shop

Some people like to view products as products, others like to see what it looks like on a model. So for this reason we implemented a simple product viewer switcher to make this choice – ‘outfit’ or ‘product’

Mobile is the only priority

In some ways this was the most challenging aspect of the project. While we have always had a mobile first attitude to design, having a mobile first attitude to technology is somewhat new. However with this being the brief we identified an ideal technology solution to couple with les girls les boys choice of eCommerce platform (Magento2 Commerce) – This being to build the front end of the site as a Progressive Web Application or PWA, as opposed to the normal way of building out Magento front end of using PHP templates frameworks.

What this means for the end user experience is the most important

  • Lighting fast load and responsiveness to actions throughout the journey
  • Ability to navigate the site with poor or no signal
  • Ability to send push notifications to users
  • Ability to use the website ‘like an app’ on most mobile devices
  • A true Mobile first approach to the entire website and user journey.

Key technologies Implemented:

  • Magento Commerce
  • VUEJS Storefront PWA
  • FourSixty Social Feed
  • Dotmailer CRM